Just Me and Just You

You sparkle and twinkle and shine like the sun,
our life’s full of promise – it’s only begun.
You’re a princess, a dancer, a pirate at sea;
Oh yes, you can be anything you could be!

You’re the bulb to my socket, the toast to my jam.
You’re just as yum-yummy as a warm Christmas ham!
And I think it’s amazing, my darling wee fart,
That you’ve burrowed your way right down deep in my heart.

For My Marjie you are and Your Auntie I’ll be,
As the days turn to years and for eternity!

Put your hand in mine, darling, we’ll watch the world grow.
I’ll teach you to wiggle and giggle just so.
You’ll teach me to see and to learn all anew.

And we’ll always be buddies – Just me and just you.