Merry Christmas, Mother Earth

It’s been one hundred years since the War to End Wars,
And we’ve still yet to learn what humanity’s for.
We turned swords into plowshares then pillaged the earth,
And the wild things are crying, in spite of our mirth.

In my youth we were told we could each change the world,
But like an old photograph that is faded and curled,
Hopeful words lost their meaning when towers fell down,
And the earth just keeps warming in city and town.

But if peace can be found in just one faithful heart,
And if some still are left who are brave, quick and smart,
Then perhaps not all’s lost for the next century –
If our voices sing louder than hate and fury.

Then the polar bear might ever walk on the snow,
And the next generation true peace they may know.
The orcas will still swim for miles in the sea,
And we’ll bury our guns and know true liberty.

From the man on the cross to the men in the trenches,
They all look to us to tear down the last fences.
Remembrance Day, Christmas and each passing day
Lend a chance for to start to live life a new way.

May we all walk together, and each do our part,
To stand up to darkness and light it with heart.
For our true nature isn’t to hate and to fight –
My friends, we are all born to follow the Light.


Oh Canada

Clean waters feed the nations,
Clean air fills all our lungs,
Clean soils fill all the bellies of both old and just begun.

We are trying to remember,
We are trying to foresee,
We are trying to create a space for you and me and we.

Come join me on the journey,
Come with laughter, tears and pain,
Come to celebrate our story and with love begin again.