Holiday Poetry

A Christmas Wish of Love

In the still small silence, while winter winds doth blow.
We’re yearning for the peace we lost so long ago.
In the darkest night and in the winter snows,
The Christ Child midst the hate lies sweetly in repose.

In this time of lights and plenty ‘neath the tree,
Warmth of family will be with you and me.
While many out there suffer, lonely and alone;
Demons deep and dreadful to cut them to the bone.

The table piled with blessings of field and farm and tree,
Are not just ours to offer…they’re sent from Him to we.
Will we share the love that He sends shining down?
In our longing hearts will we let love abound?

In the still small silence, a prayer from me to you…
Remember those afflicted and pray for their souls, too.
So may you find the peace He sends from Heaven up above,
And know you’re in my prayers tonight, a Christmas Wish of Love.



Little donkey, did you see
Within His eyes Eternity?
Did you see and did you know,
That He would save us all below?
Little donkey, did you see and do you wonder yet, like me?

Little dove, from your high perch,
Did you see the Wise Men search?
Did you hear them whisper low,
And see them bend, respect to show?
Little dove, did you see and do you wonder yet, like me?

Little lamb, with fleece of white,
What did you see on that dark night?
Did you see a family spurned;
Or Royals, Hallowed, lives upturned?
Little lamb, did you see and do you wonder yet, like me?

For I wonder if we still
Honour life and truth fulfilled.
Do we yet respect the Love
‘Twas sent to all men from Above?
Do we still, and do we see, that Love is for Eternity?

For as the donkey, dove and lamb
We all yet by His cradle stand.
And by His truths our lives should turn,
And in our hearts a flame yet burn.
And so this Christmas, our World so ill,
I must yet wonder…and be still.

As Is His Will

The Mass is said, the bells are still. A candle blinks upon the hill.
‘Tis Christmas night and magic wakes as snow falls softly, flake by flake.
The Faithfull’s feet have crunched the ice and now lie snugly, warm and nice, within the beds of gentles sleeping;
All unaware of what comes creeping.

Love and Peace are on the air and ruffle every whisker, hair that they do pass in woodland glen.
They bless the best of creation then turn to the town all clothed in white, to bless the good this winter’s night.
With barest whisper of their wings they pass the brightly wrapped things beneath the tree and climb the stairs,
To those who in their hearts know errs.

They shush and quiet worldly fear, fill souls with grace to last the year.
Onto the next – and next again – till all within are without stain.
And with His birthday gifts bestowed they thus return to their Hallowed.

The angels sing.  The earth is still.

May you be blessed, as is His will.


Santa’s Calling

In a sleigh full of eggnog, a fortnight ago,
Sat an unsuited Santa, without a ‘Ho Ho’.
It was two weeks till Christmas – he was dreading the trip –
The thought made him nauseous and made his bowels drip.

His anxiety had built bit by tiniest bit
Through the past several months and by now was a fit.
For he knew what would greet him at the end of that day
When the reindeer were ready and the elves packed the sleigh.

It would be just like last year – he had no hopes for better –
For proof he had only to turn to the letters
Stacked not nearly so high as in centuries past,
Even counting the email that had come in a blast.

No, there was not even hope if he opened a few,
His sad eyes had read for a moment or two
Of the greedy, ungrateful demands held within,
And he wiped a small tear from the tip of his chin.

Well, at least some had written, he thought with a shrug,
For it had been many years since he’d found on a rug
A tiny wee child of just seven or eight
Who had snuck back downstairs and stayed up very late.

To catch just a glimpse of a wondrous sight –
A big bellied Santa by Christmas tree light.
The memory brought a smile to his old withered face
But it faded as quickly as a snowflake of lace.

For the truth now was not one of laughter or light.
Indeed, it was often of darkness or spite.
For children today thought they knew all, and now
He often saw worry on each little brow.

And Santa, he thought that perhaps it was sad
That each little girl or boy’s Mummy or Dad
Could google an answer to questions of love
Or of mercy and hope and of what’s up above.

He didn’t think children now learned much of magic
Or of stories of wonder – the results were quite tragic.
The number of believers was dwindling so…
His heart burst with longing for so long ago.

When Christmas lists were of just one line or two
And children knew true joy and real magic, too.
And the tale of the first Christmas day in the barn –
That it wasn’t just some old man’s rambling yarn,

But the truth of a baby who just with his birth
Brought joy to all children all over the earth.

And so Santa sat in his sleigh in the snow
And watched o’er his flock of wild reindeer below.
Then he lifted his head and he gazed at the Star
And it seemed just so very impossibly far.

But the Voice spoke to him, as it had always before.
And he got to his feet and decided once more
To be there for each little wee spirit of grace,
For that tiny small child with a smile on her face.

For if he didn’t work to keep Christmastime true
Just who could he count on – could it be you?

From Above

The snow falls gently to the earth
And from the pond the sound of mirth
The boys and girls play crack the whip
Then safe at home their cocoa sip

The joys of the season fill the air
Bright as the tinsel in the angel’s hair
Wide as the smile of the new shepherd
Clear as the carols from above are heard

He came to us in the darkest night
And brought with Him a love so bright
So peace on earth once more would reign
All this from a babe in a manger lain

Amidst the cookies, laughs and gifts
Shall we as one our praises lift
To Him on high, born long ago
So human bloodlines still would flow

The season’s beauty, hope and love
Spring from the greatest heart above
And so I wish you peace, my friends
As only Christmastime can send

And keep a little Christmas cheer
As you walk onwards through the year
Give all you meet your service true
And love each other… as He loves you


All is Calm…All is Bright

Winds blow clean the hills tonight,
Icicles hang from the eaves.
Nothing stirs ‘neath starry skies
This wondrous Christmas Eve.
Each dawn the magic starts anew – but do we
Really believe?

Winds blow clean the hills tonight,
Owls call from the trees.
New hope dawns in the sparkle of snow,
Dreams are born on the breeze.
Each heart tonight finds quite calm,
Remembering holidays past.
Love asks love, as thought as thought,
And peace shall reign at last.
Nature reveals her simple beauty, to each of you and me,
Dream of magic, hope and faith, and with wonder we’ll surely see

 The Spirit of Christmas

Peace is a dove taking flight in the night
Peace is the warmth of a hand held tight
Peace is the fire that burns in our hearts
Peace is around us – just waiting to start

Love is a safety net full of good hope
Love is the knot at the end of the rope
Love is the magic that draws us together
Love is around us – making us better

Joy is a carol sung by a choir
Joy is within each quiet hour
Joy is the laughter shared with good friends
Joy is around us – and it never ends

 Faith is a star shining bright in the night
Faith is knowing what’s wrong from what’s right
Faith is believing in all we can’t see
Faith is around us – for you and for me

True Peace

The peace of softly falling snow
The joy of Christmas sung
The grace of blades upon the ice
A season just begun

The light that shines, the love that burns
Within a friendly heart
A hearty laugh, a warm embrace
A goodly place to start

Hark the bells, hear the drum
The rhythm speaks for thee
We shall march on in tested faith
To each our destiny

The owl sleeps, the world is hushed
On this most hallowed eve
Walk softly now upon the earth
True peace is to believe


May it be so…

Softly, now,
A mother hums and rocks her newborn babe.
Below amidst the noise and haste a secret wish is made.
If we could wait amidst the rush, would we not find enough’s enough?
May it be so…

 Quietly, now,
As we all stumble towards that still small space,
Where we each sit and search our hearts for our true guiding grace.
Could we, so knowing, share our gifts somewhere far beyond our lists?
May it be so…

 Gently, now,
As nature turns in awe to stars so bright.
The world’s at peace and love’s divine on this most holy night.
And now at last shall true joy ring, to Herald Him, the new born King.
May it be so…

Thoughts for a Dawning Decade

Hibernate, sleep –
And perchance now to dream.
Perhaps the world’s not what at once it would seem.
Perhaps in the decade that’s dawning anew
Your heart will be lifted – and mine will be, too.

Never to look back, never to pause,
Everyone’s forgotten good old Santa Claus
What if we lived each new day like the first – could we not rewrite all the laws of the earth?

Yuletide is over, winter spreads long…
Each will have riches, if only a song.
Amazing the grace that lies hidden in snow,
Remember your heart holds each thing that you know.

2 can move mountains,
0 can freeze,
1 can sing with a voice on the breeze.
0 troubles I wish you, my dear friends, and love….and heavenly peace from the Spirit above.

I Still Believe…

The smell of the gingerbread hung on the tree,
The laughter of friends as their sled passes me,
All of these things seem to sparkle because I still believe in Santa Claus.

The sound of my boots as they crunch through the snow,
The window displays set to sparkle just so,
They all seem so special this season because I still believe in Santa Claus.

 The ribbons and wrappings all chosen with care,
The snowflakes and carols that float through the air,
My life’s full of blessings – I think it’s because I still believe in Santa Claus.

Not everyone’s happy and wrapped up so snug,
Not everyone’s hands hold a warm steaming mug,
But the world still holds promise – I hope it’s because I still believe in Santa Claus.

 There is darkness and evil all over the world,
And terror is chasing, it’s banner unfurled,
But Love it would triumph and Hate lose its claws
If we all still believed in Santa Claus.

Now and Then

Snow and Ice, the world’s turned grey and all beneath are lost today.
Send the sun and not the rain, I can’t take another come what may.
The season should be brighter still, full of love and full of thrill,
But all I see is hustle and haste – hustle and haste and money and waste.
In all the hope and meant to be’s and wishes for humanity
Have we seen all we have to see… to be all that we have to be?

 Pine boughs bent, gravity found;
Sparkle lost on snow barren ground.
A reflection of a world love lost?  Or just a shoulder turned aloft?
Are we worth saving, all crowded and sad, and should our Saviour be so glad
 To turn the world back to its soul – or will our ignorance take its toll?

 These answers, oh we plead to see, to know beyond eternity.
But we’re not worthy or yet we’re blind – and Creation of another kind
Will take and sift the world away…and love will reign some other day.


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