Beware the Evil Snowman

The snowman grinned malevolently as he watched his prey from the top of the toboggan hill.  This was the longest run in town and the children had chosen its peak as the place for his creation.  But their building had been clumsy and he despised their lack of skill.  His bottom was lumpy.  His middle was full of grass.  And his head was so large and misshapen it threatened to roll right off his shoulders.  But worst of all was his face.  Two stones for eyes.  A small twig for a nose.  And a curl of frozen dog poop for a mouth.  Oh, the indignity!

Well, he’d show them.

The sun had been out all day and his bottom was beginning to melt.  Just a little more and he would be free!

He waited as the children raced down the hill, oblivious to their fate.   Time passed.  The sun shone.  And finally, the snow beneath him gave way.

“Revenge is mine!” he cried, as he tipped forward and began to roll.  The snow was perfect for packing and he picked up girth as he barrelled down the hill.  He hit the first child with glee and headed straight towards a pack of them, lined up like bowling pins.  One little girl looked up and screamed as she saw him, now as wide as a house, speeding towards them.  But it was too late.  Within seconds the evil snowman was victorious and the children were buried alive.


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