A Christmas Wish

Joyous music fills the air
O’er hamlet, town and glen.
Yuletide peace brings quite hush

To every mother’s den.
O, wondrous star, still shining bright,

Towards the dawn we creep.
Hearts aglow with love’s bright flame
Each lamb with lion shall sleep.

While angels keep their watch on high,
Our worldly troubles cease.
Release the bonds of human strife,
Let all hearts
Dream in peace.


Just Me and Just You

You sparkle and twinkle and shine like the sun,
our life’s full of promise – it’s only begun.
You’re a princess, a dancer, a pirate at sea;
Oh yes, you can be anything you could be!

You’re the bulb to my socket, the toast to my jam.
You’re just as yum-yummy as a warm Christmas ham!
And I think it’s amazing, my darling wee fart,
That you’ve burrowed your way right down deep in my heart.

For My Marjie you are and Your Auntie I’ll be,
As the days turn to years and for eternity!

Put your hand in mine, darling, we’ll watch the world grow.
I’ll teach you to wiggle and giggle just so.
You’ll teach me to see and to learn all anew.

And we’ll always be buddies – Just me and just you.

The Poppy and The Christmas Tree

Once upon a slower time, in the not too distant past,

Two symbols stood a month apart; long looks to each we’d cast. 


The poppy, red and proud, stood still; remembering the fallen.

The only music to its ears the lonely bugle calling.

A warning we should take the time to remember life and loss,

Else be the next ones in the line to bear a heavy cross.


The Christmas tree, all bright with lights and branches laid with snow,

Stood sentinel, a warming sight to December’s darkness cold.

Behold the gifts beneath so gay, they serve us to remind

There once was He sent from above to save all human kind.


Two symbols set apart and yet alike – love freely given.

A month to each was space for us to be thankful for our living.

With time to pause and say a prayer for those within our lives

Who brought us peace or brought us Christ; each blessed in our eyes.


A shadow formed and soon eclipsed the time and space between.

A prince of darkness, creeping in, upon our minds to lean.

“Buy this, buy that,” his banner cries, “There is no other reason

For all the lights and sights and sounds – it’s money spending season!


No need to stop and think and pray, just get thee out thy purses.

No need to thank the Lord above for veterans and nurses.

This gadget here will cleanse your sins, this sale be your redemption.

I’ve just the thing to fill your soul – more material consumption!”


Beware this prince for he is false; don’t listen to his view.

“To everything there is a season” has stood and still rings true.

A month of honour, a month of praise, is how it ought to be.

Don’t let the market steal your heart – remember you are free!


So take the time to thank the vets and time to praise the Lord.

And leave the sales another day – they’re a price we can’t afford.