From Above

The snow falls gently to the earth
And from the pond the sound of mirth
The boys and girls play crack the whip
Then safe at home their cocoa sip

The joys of the season fill the air
Bright as the tinsel in the angel’s hair
Wide as the smile of the new shepherd
Clear as the carols from above are heard

He came to us in the darkest night
And brought with Him a love so bright
So peace on earth once more would reign
All this from a babe in a manger lain

Amidst the cookies, laughs and gifts
Shall we as one our praises lift
To Him on high, born long ago
So human bloodlines still would flow

The season’s beauty, hope and love
Spring from the greatest heart above
And so I wish you peace, my friends
As only Christmastime can send

And keep a little Christmas cheer
As you walk onwards through the year
Give all you meet your service true
And love each other… as He loves you


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