Lady Eve

The Lady Eve was born the year of nineteen thirty one,
In early May just as the earth was warming in the sun.
A second child but the first girl for parents Fred and May,
She and Ted then ruled the roost not far from Humber Bay.

These two were joined by Connie and Pat and the siblings numbered four,
And the little town of Burnhamthorpe grew up a little more.
The Reeves’ were just a part of this community that would thrive,
And many other friends were there to stay throughout their lives.

The years flew by and soon Eve was at high school in Port Credit,
And though her beaus were many she soon turned to William Pellett.
She’d known him long but took her time to finally agree,
To leave all others and to bind the Reeves and Pellett trees.

The wedding was delayed awhile as Bill was on the mend,
After his and someone else’s car were in a fender bend.
But even with this short false start the marriage it would last,
And nary a day was lost to them as quick the years flew past.

From dancing nights at Sunnyside to travels ‘cross the land,
Bill and Eve stood heart to heart and always hand in hand.
Richard, Bon and Sandy soon would fill their lives with love,
And the little family was sure they were watched from up above.

The family lived in Palgrave, a pretty place just round the bend,
Just up fifty highway – before the road came to its end.
Here they’d stay and make new friends to keep throughout the years,
To laugh with through the good times and to lean on through the fears.

It’s here that Evelynne’s faith would work through church and UCW,
Although with Nanny by her side there was always mischief too.
As close as thieves they often wreaked some havoc in the village,
And furniture would cross the street as each other’s rooms they’d pillage.

In the choir with friends Lenore, Jim, Bunny and Bob King,
Eileen and Eve would sing their hymns and make the rafters ring.
Occasionally she’d take the pulpit and preach to us the Word,
And with Bunny and Jim so often ‘In the Garden’ could be heard.

She taught Sunday and Vacation school to Palgrave’s little sinners,
And cooked and worked and served all night at the annual Turkey Dinners.
She served as Presbytery’s president and as a valued elder,
Her faith was strong and with it she would meet what life would send her.

Eve stayed home in the early years and raised her children well,
And if she had faults none of the three would ever, ever tell.
They knew when they got home each day they’d very clearly see
Their mother watching game shows with her cookies and her tea.

Eve was mother, strong and sure, her love would know no bounds,
But there was more to life for one whose mind was oh so sound.
From meager roots at Goodyear and through years of cleaning homes,
From Advertiser Tuesdays she’d progress to reading tomes.

When she started out at Albion her duties were lackluster,
But she proved her worth with all the spirit and detail she could muster.
Evelynne rose to greater heights with the help of her AMCT;
Sam Jones would proctor and announce the McMaster’s grad with glee.

Her new degree would mean the move from deputy to clerk,
The call to mayor was not pursued – the thought made Bill just smirk.
As the clerk our EYP ran Caledon with grace,
And then retired a full six weeks before her husband left the place.

Once Bill caught up they hitched their little trailer to a star,
And drove across the country and to places near and far.
The trailer grew as quickly as their granddaughters times four,
And in Florida they’d park to spend the winter for years more.

The snow birds had some northern friends in Florida by their side,
For Bunny and Stu had also left the snow for their double wide.
The four enjoyed these months together for many years to come,
We knew they all deserved their rest – although we missed them some.

She welcomed other card players to the trailer’s little kitchen,
For Bill was sure the ‘you, me, you, me’ stuff was close to sinnin’.
A long time cheater with her sister and a well known mirror,
No one else could put one past her – and rarely won one either.

Her belly laugh still echoes when a joke or pun does tickle,
And when she’s out with her three siblings they can still get in a pickle.
For which antique or elite dining spot is hard to choose,
And don’t try to out haggle her at a garage sale or you’ll lose.

As Grannie, Mother, Wife and Friend you’ll find no better lady,
And we’re all gathered here today to celebrate her eighty.
Her years upon the earth are not yet nearly done, we pray,
So raise a glass with me, my friends, and wish her Happy Birthday!

~ Written by Sherrie Charter in 2011 in honour of the 80th Birthday of her Grandmother, Evelynne Yvonne Pellett (nee Reeves).


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