To Be A Bird

Ah, to be a bird
Tiny and light and finely feathered
Upwards with ease into flight
Into blue
Into oblivion
To sit in the trees as the wind makes her music
To soar within the rainbow and know the sun’s first light
After the cold dark night

Ah, to be a bird
He sees the sparrow fall and lifts her
She is precious and I am merely clay
Of a multitude
An experiment
She the sky, the sea, the clouds and I only the earth

Ah, to be a bird
To be free
A song for the world and a sweeter one for my mate, my lover
To sing as the rain dances heavy on the leaves overhead
And know the blessings of it
To smell the pine and know the softness of the nest so sweetly tended by my love
My partner
In the shortness of the season
In the breadth of this life

Ah, to be a bird
To know the hand of God
And not reason with the experience
To know a place in the circle and accept it
Preening and singing for all the world to see and hear
To be free
To trust that tomorrow will bring the end of each want
Each hope
With right and goodness

To love
To sing
To praise
To fly
To be
Simply be
Ah, to be a bird


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