The snow is sparkling on the ground
The world is hushed, true peace is found
The shovels still, the plows all parked
And here I feel my heart is marked
For grandeur, greatness, joy and light
And wonders still – tonight’s the night

For all lies still, the world lays waiting
And under stars are fairies skating
Cross the ponds, the ice and snow
Drift and swirl and catch moon glow

A gift, a tease, to those who see
And yet I think – is it just me
Who longs for sights of things unworldly?
Or is this just my heart strings, girly
Soft and weak and thus despised
By those with wiser, harder eyes?

But snow makes clean the world awhile
And dreamers dream and wish and smile
And so I think its winter’s way
To teach us – all must have its day
The sun will burn and stars will shine
And in my heart is darkness, mine
But also love and light unmarred
Just like the hills, all snowy starred


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